Why choose us as your Amazon SEO agency?

More customers. More sales. More time. 
As an Amazon SEO agency that’s notched up years of experience, we not only know exactly how Amazon works, but also how time-consuming and complicated the support process can be.

That’s why we, as Amazon SEO experts, do more than just help you improve your products’ performance on Amazon. We’re also more than happy to take over the Amazon sales channel for you.
So you can continue concentrating on your core competencies.

Wieso Wir Als Deine Amazon SEO Agentur?

Mehr Kunden. Mehr Umsatz. Mehr Zeit. 
Als Amazon Seo Agentur mit jahrelanger Erfahrung wissen wir ganz genau wie Amazon funktioniert, aber auch wie zeitaufwendig und kompliziert die Betreuung sein kann.

Aus diesem Grund helfen wir Dir als Experten für Amazon SEO nicht nur die Performance Deiner Produkte auf Amazon zu verbessern, sondern übernehmen ebenfalls gerne den Vertriebskanal Amazon für Dich.
So kannst Du Dich weiterhin auf Deine Kernkompetenzen konzentrieren.

Deine Vorteile

Amazon All-In-One Service

National and international Amazon optimization and account management

A partnership-based
cooperative relationship

We take over management of your Amazon sales channel for you, so you can devote all your energies to your core business.

The services that we as an Amazon SEO agency offer at a glance

We lay the foundation for your success in the long term! By extensively researching keywords using competitors and Amazon customers’ actual search queries, we create a list of keywords that’s tailored to the product texts for the Amazon back-end to cover as many relevant search queries as possible.

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Our customers’ testimonials

Hansa Farm Logo

Sven Marten
CEO - Hansa-Farm

"We’ve been working with AMZRockstars, the Amazon SEO agency, since 2017. The fact that the team is highly dedicated to their work is extremely positive. That means we’re constantly working to improve our products in line with the latest innovations, so in some cases they’re even rated as bestsellers
The guys are constantly learning new skills, so we can rest assured that we’re keeping pace with the competition – if we’re not already one step ahead. The young team is highly flexible when it comes to contact. I even receive instant answers to important issues on weekends.
Our performance on Amazon is currently up 2,000% on last year, so our expectations have been totally blown out the water. We’re even going as far as developing products that currently make up the lion’s share of our sales on Amazon together with the agency.
I’d also like to emphasize the fact that we now genuinely really like and trust the three colleagues. We couldn’t be working with a friendlier or more trustworthy bunch of guys."

Daffodil Logo

Ralph Römhild,
CEO - Daffodil Germany

"We have a very pleasant partnership-based cooperative relationship. It’s totally different from what we’re used to from big Amazon SEO agencies.
But what ultimately excited us most was the results.
The AMZRockstars team has exceeded all our expectations. They’ve managed to significantly increase our products’ visibility and thereby multiply our sales in a matter of a few months. A massive thanks to the whole team."

Woma Logo

Timo Danner,
CEO - WoMa Company

"My experiences with the guys from AMZRockstars, the Amazon SEO agency, have been positive throughout.
Especially when I started out with them, I wanted to control and follow up a great deal to make sure I’d chosen the right service provider. But now I can totally take a back seat without any fears or concerns.
This allows me to concentrate completely on my areas of responsibility, so our growth is much faster and better.
In a nutshell, I can confirm that the AMZRockstars guys view and integrate themselves as an extended team – and work TOGETHER as one. Through this cooperative partnership, we’ve recorded a significant increase in sales and profit that far exceeds the costs involved in bringing an Amazon SEO agency on board. I can only recommend AMZRockstars to everyone!"

Get to know us!

We’re the AMZRockstars.


Your partner when it comes to optimizing your Amazon products.

Amazon Seo Agentur Gründer Manuel

Manuel Lambracht

Amazon Marketing Agentur Gründer David

David Angenvoort

Amazon Agentur Gründer Leonard

Leonard Kimpfel

Since we – Manuel, David and Leonard – established our Amazon SEO agency in 2016, we’ve been helping companies to increase their sales, improve their turnover and performance, and position their brand in the best possible way on both the national and the international market.
When we enter into a cooperative relationship with you, what you’ll get is a strong team that works in the field of Amazon marketing, optimization and support as an Amazon SEO agency. We combine experience, proven knowledge and the latest online marketing strategies to create the best results at all times.
We’ve already successfully helped over 70 brands and companies with more than 2,200 products.

Entering into a new collaborative relationship is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Arrange a free consultation with one of our experts and founders. During this session, we’ll have a look at your products together and discuss your project and your requirements in detail.

We’ll create a precise Amazon strategy for you based on your current situation and desired goals. Tailor-made for you, your products and the Amazon marketplace.

You can redevote your energies to your core competencies and the things that really matter. Let us worry about Amazon while we manage the sales channel for you.